Our member organizations share resources, wisdom and experience with us on a regular basis. Treasured Vessels recently shared a response to the new movie Sound of Freedom that articulated important points. We decided to repost and click to read the article on their website and learn more about their services.

Bob Walcher, TVF’s vice president stated:

In our experience, the two most common types of traffickers are the romeo-trafficker and the familial trafficker. The romeo-trafficker, or boyfriend-pimp, typically grooms their victim online, acts as a boyfriend, showers their victim with gifts and words of affirmation at first (love bombing), then slowly evolves into the controlling manager and abuser they hid in the beginning to build trust and devotion. The familial trafficker is a family member, most commonly a mother, who exploits a child for money, whether for rent, drugs, or in exchange for services.

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