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Treasured Vessels Foundation provides safe communities that restore survivors of sexual exploitation to achieve their true potential. Founded in 2016, TVF uses a holistic and comprehensive approach in mental health therapy, education, physical health, and community to assist survivors of sex trafficking in building an independent and sustainable future.

TVF’s current and in-progress safe homes in Collin County, Texas are designed to provide a safe and stable environment where women can heal while processing their complex trauma through intensive therapy. Survivors, called Resident Interns, learn relational and healthy coping techniques in therapy, which are critical in learning how to break the trauma response cycles they have learned through exploitation, and build healthy, trusting relationships.

Treasured Vessels’ safe home program is unmatched with regard to the intensive long-term mental health services offered for survivors. Our supportive programming focuses on developing stability while increasing capacity for greater autonomy and long-term sustainability in the future. TVF wants to help each survivor walk confidently toward their dreams and support them in achieving success.